“Long Lasting Design for Living” MUJI is looking for designs suited to a modern lifestyle that incorporate the wisdom of past traditions, 

with a view of longevity where such designs will exist for the next 10, 50, even 100 years.

C R A T E S     

Crates is a system of units that can be combined in various orientations to form shelving, low tables or stools. You can customize it to your needs and easily disassemble when necessary. This piece promotes peace and comfort through the continuity of simple lines. The use of solid wood displays warmth and longevity, like antique furnishings that are handed down for generations.

After sliding the crates in your desired orientation, they are held together in place by tightening screws that are visible on the top surfaces. This causes the strips of wood to expand and fit tightly in between its adjacent strips.

Exhibition at IAPM Shanghai, China